Friday, January 8, 2010

1.08.10 Dear Body

Dear Body,

Hey, if you help me out then I will help you out. I know that’s not how you play the game though. I’m trying to trick you into getting me thinner. Okay…here we go again…..I really want to treat you right and then I KNOW you’ll treat me right. I will try to not fool you and trick you into what I want. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I try to manipulate you. If I treated you with respect first then I can expect to get treated right back. It’s me who has to change. I’m starting to see that now. I want to apologize sincerely because I’m really realizing this now. I will respect you by eating my food plan like I should. I will respect you by NOT saying negative things about you. I really want to get along and I am hoping that by ME starting out apologizing we can start to get along and work as a team. I CAN be a good team player. I know I need to prove it to you. Anyways, let’s just start off on a new foot. It’s me who has to change. I know that now.

Love, XXX

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